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 In comparison to current handling equipment such as SPMT movers and crawler cranes significant savings can be made.

CES Reach Stacker is the first of its kind – four reasons why:

  • CES Reach Stackers are the only Reach Stackers worldwide with capacities up to 250t.
  • CES Reach Stackers are the only Reach Stackers with a variable telescopic wheelbase allowing for up to 7 different wheelbases and capacities in one machine. The customer can change the wheelbase according to the capacities needed.
  • CES Reach Stacker can be disassembled within one shift, stuffed in standard containers, and shipped as regular road, rail, or sea transport
  • Very beneficial for the setup of wind farms at different locations.
  • CES attachment quick-change system allows fitting of different kinds of attachments such as a 90t capacity heavy duty spreader, a fly jib or a crane hook within 15 minutes.