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McIntyre is the UK’s largest manufacturer of metal recycling equipment, providing alligator shears, metal shears and other non-ferrous scrap metal processing equipment such as cable granulators, engine breakers and metal analysers. McIntyre offer something to suit every metal recycling application and remain the only manufacturer of genuine McIntyre metal cutting shears and metal balers.


The 320 alligator shear is a must for any yard. It’s well established and recognised as the industry standard for all shears of this type. The 320 has maintained its dominance in a demanding market because of its strength, quality and reliability. The 320 hydraulic alligator shear is equipped with a 320mm, 12.5″ inch, blade and is powerful enough to deal with a wide range of  cutting and cleaning operations including; automotive scrap, whole gear boxes, cylinder heads and blocks, oversized gate valves, all the usual non-ferrous metals separations and other materials such as plastic and rubber.  The 320 can also be used to cut ferrous metals and has a cutting capacity of 50mm, 2 inches of mild steel round bar. The jaw is opened and closed by a moveable foot pedal. The cutting blades return to the open position as soon as pressure is released, thus increasing operator safety. Constant pressure ensures a continuous cutting action. The 320 is available in both single and three phase versions.




The engine cracker has been designed by McIntyre to crack engines so that their different component parts can be separated for recycling. This is a compact, tough and powerful machine able to demolish engines at 3 – 5 tonnes per hour. The McIntyre Engine Cracker withstands the high forces needed to crush engines and separate valuable components. It has a 120 tonne crushing force so it can demolish an engine in just 2 minutes and reduce it to small particles, which means that the aluminium is easily separated from the steel. The machine can be supplied with conveyors for loading and discharge if required, and we can also supply magnetic separation should you need it.